TIMOTHY JAY has over 27 fragrances to fit every mood and every room. Each fragrance is tested nationally by the panel of “noses” before is is accepted into the fold. In most cases -- with the exception of our Perfect Gardenia, Pacific Grapefruit, and Tuscan Lemo -- they area a fusion of notes both high and low that work together to assure a perfect presence for your atmosphere.



TIMOTHY JAY has been catering to Brides’ wishes for a fragrance that captures and complements their unique style for over eight years. Future brides visit our workroom in West Hollywood on their own or with their planners to sample fragrances and discuss the plans for their wedding. We work closely with brides and their planners to design the perfect wedding mementos for their guests, suggesting fragrances that will add to the overall atmosphere and working on designs for personalized keepsake packages. We study the invitation for style, typeface and formality and then, (usually taking the cue from the wedding party gowns and floral arrangements), choose colors for the candle and the packaging. Inside each box is a vellum note written by the bride and groom thanking the guests for helping them to celebrate their day.

Our candles serve a two-fold purpose: a lasting keepsake to be used over and over and, in many instances, the packages are used as “place cards” to help guests find their seats at the wedding reception. The boxes are arranged alphabetically by guests’ names with a table number written below on a matching hang tag tied to the box with silk “rat tail”.

The bride can choose from a variety of sizes and packages. Most important, the gift is a perfect memento that will be lighted again and again. Additional candles are prepared for use at the reception and at the wedding as well. The overall reaction to our Bridal Program has been significant…it’s a perfect addition to all weddings and even more…the perfect keepsake.


TIMOTHY JAY CANDLES have been used as wedding gifts, move-in the new home gifts, thank the dais speakers gifts, birthday and anniversary gifts, Mothers Day and Fathers Day gifts, host and hostess gifts and of course the ideal Christmas Gift.

Through the years our baskets have been featured in Silent Auctions for various AIDS Foundations, (yes SHE has them too), Human Rights Galas, The Super Saturday Ovarian Cancer Event and anywhere we feel a candle can help raise funds for a worthy cause. We love to share our success.

It’s a fact…most everyone enjoys receiving (or bidding on) candles for everyday and those special occasions and we have a gift to match the occasion. You can call us…we’ll make it up…shoot it digitally and send you a picture of how it looks…then straight to FEDEX for delivery. It’s just simple, chic and really smart.

At left: One of the After Oscar Party baskets we created for Jimmy Kimmel Productions. Fresh tulips and roses, an iPod and 6 Classic Fragrances from Timothy Jay. Some very lucky guests, to say the least.


Every year, in early June, I start to think about Christmas. I do this because, every year, I think that just maybe; I should do entirely new fragrances and package them in zany, high gloss, neon boxes with avant-garde modern motifs of the season. Then, by the end of June, I get that terrestrial message..."don't mess with Christmas!"

Yes, I love the season and I love the warmth of red, green and gold in December. And there's nothing cozier than a room filled with the fragrances of gardenia, cypress and pine and a maybe new addition. I created a new Red Candle filled with the aromas of things apple, rose and even chili pepper, (I added cinnamon just to kick it up a bit). I named it RED HOT CHRISTMAS!

So here we are: Christmas Gardenia, Cypress, Blue Pine and Red Hot Christmas in two sizes; our new classic 14 ounce gold container, our standard 10 ounce size, our 6 ounce squares quartet, and our Five Serenity Cups.

I love that for a few days we forget about the world and its problems and go back to a simpler space. So I keep to tradition...this year even with a new candle...and a larger size in an attractive gold container.