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"Relighting Candles"

Is documentary about TIMOTHY JAY Candles. It explains how we operate and how we try to assist recovering alcoholics and addicts who come to work with us. It has won awards and it's now available on HULU. Just check us out; you're a very important part of why it all works!


Mimosa Mandarin and Blood Orange Fragrance
Blue Spruce Holiday Fragrance Candle


To give you the highest quality, eco friendly, hand poured, and hand packaged with love and care, fragrance candles available.

The House of Timothy Jay

Our Story

I am a self taught candle maker. I started my journey in my own kitchen in my apartment in West Hollywood. 

My business began in 1996 when I told a friend that I would help him make candles. I knew about fragrances due to my advertising background where I had many fragrance accounts- the rest I had to learn on my own. My friend gave up but I did not. I continued on and realized that I had found my calling- my passion- CANDLE MAKING of the highest quality and Timothy Jay Candles was born.

I began to give my candles to decorators and stores in the area, they began to sell and orders started rolling in, so much so that I outgrew my kitchen and moved to a space, on Harper Street in West Hollywood. We had to clear the remnants of the previous store, a dry cleaners, and slowly garment trolleys disappeared and long tables were installed to hold the products and all the material necessary to produce our candles.Soon, our neighbors were coming in, following the trail of the intoxicating fragrances that wafted through the air bringing delicious delight to the area. They stayed to witness the candle making process: melting the wax, placing the wick in the chosen perfect container, pouring the wax, packaging, bowing, the process fascinated and amazed them, they enjoyed the show: THE ART OF CANDLE MAKING. The business grew and grew one day at a time, one candle at a time, and it’s never stopped.After 25 years in the same location we had to find a new location, fortunately we found a beautiful space rather quickly at 8272 Sunset Blvd.

My candle making business, you might say, is of another time when Artisans were proud of their work, finished products were the direct result of fine craftsmanship, caring and love of the process, rather than a machine. I like it that way, and do do my customers- I HOPE YOU DO TOO!

Come in and visit us, we would love to meet you!