Relighting Candles


A fragrance for every room
in your home

Elevate Your Atmosphere with our Exclusive Collection of Handmade Custom Fragrance Candles.

All our candles are handcrafted by trained candle makers

Timothy Jay was founded in 1996. We have been dedicated to making the most superb hand poured fragrance candles available. All our ingredients are made in the United States and our store/manufacturing is located in West Hollywood, CA. Our candles are perfectly crafted using only the finest quality ingredients sourced within the United States.

We work in increments : hand placing the wicks in each container, melting the sox wax to the right temperature, mixing the fragrances and hand pouring each candle with love. We let the candles to curate for 24 hours, then cleaned and packaged in our high quality boxes. Our meticulous process ensures that each candle is crafted with precision and care, from hand placing the wicks to mixing the fragrances


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