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Fragrance Candles In The Summer...

Fragrance Candles In The Summer...

When summer is in its height and the temperatures and the humidity are up, people tend to forget about fragrance candles. Somehow, we just don’t associate them with the heat, thinking candles are more apt on dark and cold nights. However, Timothy Jay candles are not designed as a light source, as candles of old were. Fundamentally, they are ways of delivering a beautiful fragrance into the air and creating a lovely atmosphere of your choosing in any room. I have discovered that, in many ways, a candle can really help alleviate some of the discomforts of summer and heighten the enjoyment of this wonderful season.

One of my favorite ways to use a candle in summer is to add a crisp fragrance to the stale recycled air that air conditioning can produce. The effective use of one of our more summery fragrances can really transform the atmosphere of an air-conditioned room from that of a stale refrigerator into a wonderful cool garden with a fragranced breeze blowing throughout. I find that Hedges and Pacific Grapefruit are particularly good for this.

If you are not lucky enough to have air conditioning and must open your windows to allow whatever there is of a breeze to blow in the warm air of a summer city night, why not use a Timothy Jay candle to transport you to a more romantic destination, where the warm breeze is not oppressive but romantic. Light a Fig Geranium and immediately the stifling atmosphere is lifted and you are transported to a Moroccan rooftop looking at the stars in the desert sky. A Lavender candle will take you to a small farmhouse amongst the flower fields of Provence, France or a Blue Pine to a terrace on a Tuscan hillside by the coastal pine forests with the songs of the cicadas ringing in the still pine-infused air. Timothy Jay candles are a wonderful way to fuel your imagination and find enjoyment in the summer heat.