Using Fragrance Candles In Your Home

Using Fragrance Candles In Your Home

Fragrance is a key element when it comes to creating an atmosphere in your home. It works on many levels and affects us in so many different ways. All we have to do fragrance candles home is inhale to realize the power that fragrance has on our mind set as well as our memories. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you have certain familiar fragrances that transport you back to a certain moment in your life. I only have to catch the smell of pine trees in late June and my thoughts are immediately whisked back to a summer in the Catskill Mountains when, as young boys, my brothers and I were allowed to camp out overnight in the cool forest.

Realtors always advise you to bake bread or make fresh coffee when you are trying to sell your home. These familiar smells immediately create a "homey" atmosphere of comfort that envelop the home interior... adding to the livability and warmth. Even better than coffee and bread, a carefully chosen fragrance candle can create that comfortable “at home” atmosphere.

Timothy Jay candles are designed to create a rich and complex fragrance for the homes in which they are burned. They're a blend of high and low fragrance notes, and create an atmosphere and an impression which should captivate and intrigue the nose rather than assault it. Some fragrances can overcome and overwhelm you with a shock of heavy scent. Immediately you are "overdosed" by waves of familiar odors you think could be cinnamon, apple or vanilla, (I hate when I'm not REALLY sure). Summer Garden FragranceAt Timothy Jay, I have always tried to blend fragrances to give one the impression of a balance of delicate fragrances that compliment the air. When you are in the middle of a garden there is not one fragrance but a blend of fragrances... different flowers, fruits, perhaps blossoms from nearby trees and the air itself. Some are subtle and some are much more detectable. Then there maybe grasses: tall, short, deep green, light green and some that may have been recently mowed. There may also be a wild flower meadow nearby or perhaps a clean, fresh ocean breeze. All of these are combined to create a memorable atmosphere.

Don't get me wrong, there are some individual fragrances that I consider perfection; the gardenia, a garden rose... even a big yellow grapefruit. I have left them on their own as fragrances and then combined them with others as well. At Timothy Jay, I have recreated  “room moods” with single scents as well as fusions of fragrances to literally change the atmosphere in a room. Just as you would not decorate a room by having every single item of furniture, each piece of fabric and every wall color stand out, you do not want to overpower a room with a dominant fragrance. Each candle is designed therefore to create a subtle cocktail of fragrance that evokes treasured memories, or recalls a favorite flower… or moment in time… while it enhances a room rather than overwhelms it. Indeed, a good fragrance is every bit as important for setting the tone of a room as your choice of décor or wall color. Its goal is to compliment the décor as well as the style of the owner.

If you like to experiment like me you may want to try some of our really atmospheric candles, I would suggest Black Orchid as a beautiful blend of tuberose, magnolia and a hint of wild orange or Havana with its masculine mix of crushed geranium leaf and tobacco blossom. And if you prefer a gardenia bush in your midst or a grapefruit grove in your dining room try or Perfect Gardenia or Pacific Grapefruit. But you can be sure that with any Timothy Jay candle, you will be able to create a wonderful atmosphere for your home. And the best thing… the next day... you can completely change your room with a different candle. And it sure is a lot less expensive that redecorating!!